Paving Work Resumes

The Power of a Penny
Posted on 11/14/2019

We are often asked; “when are y’all going to start paving?” The true answer to that is, we never stopped. Since you approved the Transportation Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax (T-SPLOST) that began in April of 2018, the city has been busy putting your penny to work. Despite the interruption caused by an unwelcomed visitor in October of 2018 (Hurricane Michael), we have still managed to resurface 14 city streets since the tax started. In addition to the laying of asphalt we have also purchased a new paver, a new roller, a new pothole repair machine and a new street sweeper. A penny is a powerful thing!


These are the streets that have been re-paved since the T-SPLOST started.

  1. Randolph street
  2. Green street (2  Sections)
  3. Myrtle Street
  4. Scott Street
  5. Columbia street
  6. Julia Place
  7. Lake Douglas Road
  8. Boulevard
  9. Jeffery Lane
  10. Simms street
  11. Griffin Street
  12. Lamar Street
  13. Troupe Street
  14. Thomas Drive

 More streets will be paved in the coming weeks. Be on look-out for the city paving crews as you travel around town.